Associate Professor & Head

Room ECED-1 : 204
Office Phone 04952286700
Mobile 7306258539
Areas Of Interest Semiconductor Devices: Modeling and Fabrication, Power Semiconductor Devices, SiC Power MOSFETs

Professor (HAG)

Room ECED-1 : 205
Office Phone 0495 2286704
Areas Of Interest Speech and Audio Processing, Biomedical Signal Processing, Wavelets, Cryptography


Room ECED-1 : 209
Office Phone 0495-2286706
Mobile 91-9446930650
Areas Of Interest Wireless Communications, Communication Networks
Room ECED-1 : 206
Office Phone 0495-2286726
Areas Of Interest Image & Video Processing, Biomedical Signal Processing
Room ECED-1 : 203
Office Phone 0495-2286725
Areas Of Interest Channel Coding, Cryptography, Multimedia Security and Secure Signal Processing
Room ECED-1 : 305
Office Phone 0495-2286720
Areas Of Interest Wireless Communications, Estimation Theory

Associate Professors

Room : 304, EC I Block
Office Phone 04952286710
Mobile 08547616464
Areas Of Interest Low Power Analog IC Design, VLSI Architectures for Signal Processing, Neuromorphic Chip Design
Room ECED-1 : 301
Office Phone 04952286707
Areas Of Interest Signal Theory
Room ECED-2 : 301
Office Phone 0495-2286721
Areas Of Interest Statistical pattern analysis, Computer Vision, Medical Image Analysis, Drone Analytics
Room ECED-1 : 201
Office Phone 0495-2286716
Mobile 9446204157, 7025510787
Areas Of Interest Machine Learning, Image Analysis, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Medical Image Analysis
Room ECED-1 : 102
Office Phone 9549654235
Areas Of Interest MEMS and Bio-Sensor
Room ECED-1 : 303
Office Phone 0495-2286709
Mobile 9447415558
Areas Of Interest Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Structures and Algorithms , Digital System Design ,Embedded Systems, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers
Room ECED-1 : ECEB1-302
Office Phone 0495-2286712
Areas Of Interest Electronics and Communication Engineering

Assistant Professor Grade I

Room ECED-1 : 401
Office Phone 0495 2286731
Areas Of Interest Wireless Networks, Signal Processing, Machine Learning, Image Processing
Room ECED-2 : 307
Office Phone 6713
Areas Of Interest Statistical Signal Processing and Bayesian Machine Learning
Room ECED-2 : 303
Office Phone 0495-2286723
Mobile 9496818039
Areas Of Interest FPGA/ASIC Implementation of Signal Processing/Neural Network Architectures, Digital VLSI Circuits/Systems, DSP Algorithms/Architectures
Room : NLHC - 306
Office Phone -
Mobile +91 9198793266
Areas Of Interest 1) Compact Modeling and Numerical simulation analysis of Semiconductor devices; 2) Research in sub-THz and THz frequency range: Imaging, electrical characterization, Circuit and System Design; 3) Electronics for Quantum Computing Application; 4) Application of Machine Learning in Semiconductor device research.
Room ECED-2 : 307
Office Phone 0495-2286733
Mobile 8074317117, 8465073963
Areas Of Interest Modeling, Simulation and Fabrication of Semiconductor Devices, 2D Materials based Devices, Machine Learning for Semiconductor Devices
Room ECED-1 : DB101
Office Phone 0495-2286732
Mobile 9497467811
Areas Of Interest Speech and Audio Processing, VLSI Architecture for Digital Signal Processing, Digital IC design
Room IT-Lab : ITL 204
Office Phone 04952286718
Mobile 9495807919
Areas Of Interest Semiconductor device fabrication and modelling. gas sensors, Sensors, Thinfilms, Nanotechnology, MEMS,Machine learning for device optimization
Room IT-Lab : 102
Office Phone 0495-2286715
Mobile (0)9495255164
Areas Of Interest Electronic System Design, Control Systems, Electronic Circuits ,Electronic Packaging, EMI/EMC
Room ECED-2 : 202
Office Phone 04952286708
Mobile 09496370647
Areas Of Interest Medical Image Analysis, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, NLP
Room ECED-2 : 302
Office Phone 04952286722
Areas Of Interest Micro/Nanoelectronics, MEMS, Modeling and Simulation of MEMS Sensors
Room ECED-1 : 207
Office Phone 04952286730
Mobile 9995335962
Areas Of Interest Digital Signal Processing, Multirate Filter Banks
Room ECED-1 : 202
Office Phone +914952286703
Areas Of Interest Microelectronics, Electronic Instrumentation, Soft Robotics
Room ECED-1 : Telecom lab
Office Phone 0495-2286771
Areas Of Interest Resource allocation in communication networks, Stochastic optimization

Assistant Professor Grade II

Room ECED-1 : NLHC-307
Office Phone 8075322651
Areas Of Interest Optimization, control and learning in networks
Room ECED-2 : 306
Office Phone 8225054575
Areas Of Interest Phase change photonic memory, Optoelectronic devices, Biophotonics and Biomedical Instrumentation
Room ECED-2 : 307
Office Phone 6701
Areas Of Interest VLSI Architecture Design, Image Processing, Medical Image Analysis, Multimedia Signal Processing, and Digital IC Design.
Room IT-Lab : 204
Office Phone 04952286736
Areas Of Interest Semiconductor devices - modeling and fabrication; Neuromorphic devices; Flexible and wearable electronics
Room ECED-1 : 208
Office Phone 04952286711
Mobile 9495575325
Areas Of Interest Integrated circuit design and CMOS image sensors
Room ECED-2 : 206
Office Phone 04952286701
Areas Of Interest Signal Processing, Image Processing
Room IT-Lab : 204
Office Phone 6774
Areas Of Interest Statistical Timing Analysis, Digital circuit design, CAD for VLSI
Room ECED-2 : 306
Office Phone 8008005843
Areas Of Interest Biomedical Signal Processing
Room ECED-1 : Cabin No.- 102
Office Phone 0495-228-2300
Areas Of Interest Photovoltaics, Photodetector, Nanoelectronics devices
Room : NLHC-306
Office Phone 0495-2286777
Mobile 9177957376
Areas Of Interest Electronic System Design and Control, Internet of Things.
Room : Room No.- 206, ECED Block-II
Office Phone -
Mobile 8590244396
Areas Of Interest RF/ Microwave Reconfigurable Filters and Antenna, Microwave and millimeter-wave devices characterization, and other microwave passive circuits
Room ECED-2 : 209
Office Phone 04952286734
Areas Of Interest Signal Processing algorithms and VLSI Architectures, VLSI for communications and multimedia, VLSI with Artificial Intelligence, ASIC design, Experimental Neuroscience, Electronic Aspects of Neuroscience, Music Signal Processing
Room ECED-2 : eced
Office Phone 9930616587
Areas Of Interest Signal Processing and Machine Learning
Room : ECED II-304
Office Phone 0495-2286740
Areas Of Interest RF and Microwaves, RF generations using spin wave Devices Spin Wave Devices, RF Properties of Spintronic Devices, Spin Waves for Quantum Computing. Hybrid Magnonics
Room ECED-2 : 307
Office Phone 0495-2286772
Mobile +91-9901655223
Areas Of Interest Coding Theory and Applications
Room ECED-1 : 401
Office Phone 0495-2286775
Mobile +919074740347
Areas Of Interest Signal processing and resource allocation for wireless communications; Geometrical modeling of wireless channels; Machine learning for communications
Room IT-Lab : 102
Office Phone 0495-2286746
Mobile +91-8762733081
Areas Of Interest Image Processing, Bio-medical Inverse Problems, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Flourescence Microscopy, Computer Vision, AI/ML, Optimization.
Room : NLHC - 307
Office Phone 0495-2286776
Mobile 8106222670
Areas Of Interest Array Signal Processing, MIMO radar, PAPR reduction of OFDM & OTFS
Room ECED-2 : 307
Office Phone 04952286714
Mobile +918707835655
Areas Of Interest Speaker Recognition/Verification Automatic Speech Recognition Detection and Classification of Acoustic Scenes and Events speech enhancement

Adjunct Faculty

Room : ECED Office
Office Phone +91 (80) 2293 2855
Mobile +91 (80) 2293 2855
Areas Of Interest MIMO signal processing & algorithms, Space-time coding for MIMO channels, Coding for multiple-access and relay channels, Interference alignment, Wired & wireless network coding, Index Coding, Coded Caching and Coded Computation with applications to Machine Learning, D2D and Vehicular Communications (V2X, V2V)