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Areas Of Interest Medical Image Analysis, Machine Learning, Deep Learning


Google Scholar Citations (July 2019)

 Citations: 80;      h-index: 5        i10-index: 3

Number of Publications (July 2019)

#National Journals/Conference: 5;      #International Conference: 4        #International Journals: 8

International Journal (2013 - Present):

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International Conference :

  1. Sudeep, P.V., Navas, K.A. and Sheeba, V.S., 2009, December. Blind Datahiding in Integer Wavelet Transform Domain. In International Conference on Modeling and Simulation (MS09) India (Vol. 1, p. 3).
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Book Chapter:

  1. Sudeep, P.V., Palanisamy, P. and Rajan, J., 2019. Advances in Ultrasound Despeckling: An Overview. In Advanced Classification Techniques for Healthcare Analysis (pp. 311-335). IGI Global.
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