Room ECED-1 : 207
Office Phone 04952286730
Mobile 9995335962
Home Address D-11B, NITC Staff Quarters, NIT Calicut
Areas Of Interest Digital Signal Processing, Multirate Filter Banks

Bachelor of Engineering 2000 Bharathidasan University, Trichirappalli,Tamilnadu

Master of Technology 2004 SASTRA University, Thanjavur,Tamilnadu

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) 2018 National Institute of Technology, Calicut

1. Design of a High performance I/O Accelerator Based on Transport Triggered Architecture 2012

2. ARM Based Embedded Web Server for Lab Remote Monitoring 2012

3. Portable Health Monitoring System 2012

4. Multi-User Detection Using Taguchi method for DS-CDMA systems 2008

Assistant Professor Dec 2006 to till date  NIT Calicut

Lecturer Jan 2005 to Nov 2006 2005 SASTRA University, Thanjavur, Tamilnadu,India

Lecturer July 2003 to Jan 2005 Kings College of Engineering, Pudukkottai, Tamilnadu,India

Lecturer July 2001 to July 2002 VRS College of Engineering, Vilupuram, Tamilnadu,India

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