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Areas Of Interest Image & Video Compression

Ph. D (Image Coding):  National Institute of Technology Calicut, 2000

M.Tech (Digital Electronics): Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kochi, 2000

B.Tech (Electronics and Communication Engineering): College of Engineering, Trivandrum, 1997


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1. Image Processing (UG)

2. Signal Compression - Theory and Methods (PG)

3. Image and Video Coding (PG)

4.  Digital Signal Processing (UG)


Life Member - Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE)

1. Program Coordinator - M.Tech ECE (Signal Processing)

2. Project Nodal Officer for Procurement - TEQIP

3. ECED PTA Coordinator

4. Lab in charge - Digital Signal Processing Lab

5. Project Evaluation Coordinator - M.Tech ECE (Signal Processing)