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Areas Of Interest Modeling, Simulation and Fabrication of Semiconductor Devices, 2D Materials based Devices, Machine Learning for Semiconductor Devices

B. Tech- Electronics and Communication Engineering, JNTU Kakinada

M. Tech-Electronics and Instrumentation, NIT Rourkela  

Ph.D.- Thesis titled"Modeling and Simulation of Subthreshold Characteristics of Short-Channel Fully-Depleted Recessed-Source/DrainSOI MOSFETs"  NIT Rourkela

UG Courses

  1. Electronic Circuits II
  2. Basic Electronics
  3. Microelectronics Technology

PG Courses

  1. VLSI Technology


Ongoing: 2

1. Sandeep Moparthi (Modeling and Simulation of Negative Capacitance Silicon Nanotube (SiNT) FETs)

2. Sasikiran Suddarsi (Feedback FETs)

3. Najiya K P (Sensors)

M. Tech.

Completed: 2

1. Ramesh Lavudi (Thin-Film Transistors)

2. Aadarsh (Junction-Less Transistors)

B. Tech Major Projects

Ongoing: 2

1. Prediction of Electrical Characteristics of SOI MOSFET using TCAD Aided Machine Learning

2. Health Monitoring Smart Watch

Completed: 3

1. Automated Seed Sowing Agribot

2. Smart waste management System

3. Rescue Robot for Borewell

1. Faculty advisor of 2018-2022 ECE B. Tech Batch

2. Examination Coordinator (ECED) (2018-2020) 

3. Lab Incharge (PSoC Lab) (2018-Present)

4. Member, B Tech mini-project evaluation committee (2018 - 2019)

5. ECE Association- Faculty In-charge (2020-Present)

  1. Member, IEEE
  2. IEEE Electronic Devices Society