Room ECED-1 : ECE-203
Office Phone 0495-2286703
Areas Of Interest Multirate Signal Processing, Speech Processing

Bachelor of Engineering 1975 College of Engineering, Trivandrum

Master of Engineering 1978 College of Engineering, Trivandrum

Ph.D 1989 Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

Post Doctoral Research 2001 Linkoping University, Sweden

Sl. No. Title of the Project Duration (Months&Year)Starting Ending

1 DFT Modulated Filer Bank transceives for Multi path Fading Channel 2007

2 Cosine Modulated Filter Bank Transceives 2007

3 Design of Signal Adapted Filter bank and it?s application in Echo Cancellation 2006

4 Theory, Design and Partial Implementation of Digital Tracking Receiver for portable telemetry ground station 2005

5 Efficient Implementation of Digital Filter Banks 2005

6 Audio Coding Using Non Uniform Filter Banks 2005

7 Arbitrary Length Cosine Modulated Filter Banks 2004

8 Design and Simulation of Two-Channel Hybrid Analog/Digital Multirate Filter Banks 2004

9 Finite Word -Length Effects In Digital Filter Banks 2003

10 Design & Simulation of Low sensitivity & Low Complexity M-Channel IIR/Fir Uniform Ban d Filter Banks 2002

11 Design and Implementation of Digital Filter Banks 2002

12 Design of Digital filter banks Jun-2001 Dec 2001

13 BAW devices for Signal Processing Jun-1999 Feb-2000

14 Bulk Acoustic wave devices for Signal Processing 2000

15 Development of an interface between operation system of TMN & A network Element 2000

16 Face recognition 2000

17 Estimation and prediction for tracking a virtually stationary target Jun-1999 Dec 1999

18 Microprocessor based automatic tracking of TV stations 1999

19 Automatic Speech recognition using DTW Techniques Jun-1998 Dec-1998

20 Low bit rate speech coding using line spectrum pair techniques Jun-1998 Dec-1998

21 DSP based PSK modulator Jun-1998 Dec-1998

22 Automatic Speech recognition using DTW and HMM Techniques Jun-1997 Dec-1997

23 Detection and estimation of transient signals Jun-1997 Dec-1997

24 Design and implementation of X.25 pads Jun-1996 Dec-1996

25 Single line dual elephone system Jun-1996 Dec-1996

26 An optimization approach to video quality improvement Jun-1996 Dec-1996

27 Software implementation of Viterbi decoder for satellite communication links Jun-1995 Dec-1995

28 Design and development of an embedded real time software for an air defense system Jun-1995 Dec-1995

Dean (Planning&Development) 06-06-2006- 15.10.2007 NIT Calicut

Professor & Head 1-6-2003 to 30-05-2006 NIT Calicut

Professor 11-3-2002 to continuing NIT Calicut

Assistant Professor 1-6-1989 to 11.3.2002 NIT Calicut

Lecturer 18-12-1978 to 1-6-1989 NIT Calicut

Lecturer(Ad-hoc) 18-8-1978 to 17-12-1978 NIT Calicut

1. Research Scholar (1984-1988) in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras, India, in the area of Signal Processing.

2. Post Doctoral Research (2000-2001) in the Department of Electronics Systems, Linkoping University, Sweden, in the area of Digital filters and filter banks

Guided two projects every year in the following fields of Electronics and Communication Engineering:

1. Electronic Circuits

2. Digital systems

3. Digital System Design

4. Communication Engineering

5. Television Engineering

6. Radar

7. Digital Signal Processing

8. Speech Processing

9. Image Processing

10. Digital filter bank design

11. Acoustic Signal Processing

12. Microprocessors

13. Digital filter banks



Name of the project

R & D/ Modernisation/ Thrust Area/

Starting Month & Year

Ending Month & Year

Amount involved in Lakhs


Modernization of Microwave and Communication Engg Labs

Modernisation, Funded by Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD)



Rs.10 Lakhs


Modernization of Microwave and Communication Engg Labs

Modernisation (MHRD)



Rs.5 Lakhs


R & D Project on Implementation of Digital Filter Banks

R & D (MHRD)



Rs.6 Lakhs


Echo Cancellation using Adapted Filter Banks

NIT Calicut (FRP Project)



0.5 Lakhs


Design and Development of low bit rate real time applications of Multi rate systems

R & D (MHRD)



Rs.12 Lakhs


Special Manpower Development Programme for VLSI Design & Related Software (SMDP II)

Government of India, Ministry of Information Technology, New Delhi



100 Lakhs


Digital Signal Processing

Multirate Signal Processing

 Ph.D. Produced - 11 Nos.

PhD  Ongoing-   5 Nos
Ph. D. GUIDANCE4(Completed)

  1. Abdul Hameed K.A., 2002- 2006, "Linear Phase Cosine Modulated Filter Banks",Degree Awarded 2007
  2. Sheeba V.S., 2003-2007, "Optimality and Design of Signal Adapted Filter Banks", Degree Awarded 2007
  3. Sumesh E.P. 2002-2008, "Multi-wavelets and Their Applications in Partial Differential Equations", Degree Awarded 2009
  4. Indiradevi, 2005-2008, "Automatic detection and prediction of epileptic spikes in the EEG", Degree Awarded 2009
  5. Manoj K, 2006-2009, “Design of Multiplier-less Non-Uniform Filter Bank Trans-multiplexer”, Degree awarded in October 2010
  6. BaijuBai, 2008-2011, "Compressive sampling Based Reconstruction of Medical Images", Degree awarded on October 2012
  7. Manju Manuel, 2008-2012, "Design of FRM based 2D filters in the Canonic Signed digit Space", Degree awarded in December 2013
  8. James. T. G, 2010-2014  "Continuously Variable Bandwidth Sharp FIR Filters with Low Complexity", Degree awarded in January 2015
  9. Bindiya. T. S, 2009-2014, "Design of Multiplierless uniform and non-uniform Filter banksusing Meta-Heuristic Algorithms", Degree awarded in January 2015
  10. Shaeen. K, 2011-2015, "Low complexity uniform and non-uniform Cosine Modulated Filter Banks", Degree awarded in December 2015
  11. Nisha Haridas, 2012-2016, "Design and implementation of Farrow Structure based low complexity Reconfigurable Digital Filters", Provisional degree awarded in December 2016

Ph.D. GUIDANCE (In progress)  -4Nos

1.     V Sakthivel, 2013           :Perfect Reconstruction filter banks

2.     Bindima T.,2014             : Design of two dimensional filters

3.     Amir A.,2015                 : Multirate Signal Processing

4.     I Raghu,2015                : Spectrum sensing in Cognitive Radio

No. of External Ph.D. theses evaluated : 20 Nos

a. Undergraduate Level ( B. Tech )

1. Basic Electronics

2. Solid State Devices

3. Digital Electronics

4. Electronic Circuits

5. Communication Engineering-1

6. Communication Engineering-2

7. Communication Engineering-3

8. Microwave Engineering

9. Integrated Circuit Technology

10. Computer Organization and Architecture

11. Microprocessors

12. Television Engineering

13. Radar

14. Radio Communication

15. Line Communication

16. Electronic Devices and Circuits

17. Digital Signal Processing

18. Speech processing

19. Advanced Digital Signal Processing

20. Digital System Design

21. Digital Filters

22. Modern Communication Systems

23. Active Network Synthesis

24. Multirate systems and Filter Banks

25. Digital Signal Processing

26. Speech Signal Processing

b. Post Graduate Level ( M. Tech )

1. Digital System Design

2. Digital Signal Processing

3. Speech Analysis and Synthesis

4.. Multirate Signal processing

5. Multidimentional Singal Processing


Multirate Signal Processing(PG)

Speech Processing(UG)

Multidimensional Signal Processing(PG)

Bachelor of Engineering 1975 College of Engineering, Trivandrum

Master of Engineering 1978 College of Engineering, Trivandrum

Ph.D 1989 Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

Post Doctoral Research 2001 Linkoping University, Sweden

Co-ordinator, Project on 'Special Manpower Development Programme' in VLSI (Rs 1 crore), funded
by Ministry of Communication and Information Technology(2005-2013),
Coordinator, ISTE (Indian Society for Technical Education) Summer School on Digital
Communication and the ISDN, May 1991

Asst-Professor-in-charge, Intercom Facilities, 1991-2000

Principal Invesigator, MHRD Project on Modernisation of Communication Engg Labs,(Rs 10 Lakhs) ,funded
by Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD),1991-1993

Convenor/Secretary of FUTECH 97, National Student Conference in REC
Calicut in 1997

Programme committee leader for 10th Kerala science Congress in REC, Calicut

Coordinator, Campus Communication Network -1995-2000 (Established cable network in the campus)

Convenor, Programme committee , 22nd National Systems Conference (NSC98)
on Technology, Education and Environment for Sustainable growth, at REC

Principal investigator, Project on Modernisation of Microwave and Communication Engg Labs,
(Rs 5 lakhs) funded by Ministry of Human Resources Development

Liaison Officer for NITC with IIM Kozhikode, 2001-2002

Coordinator, AICTE/ISTE Short term course on Advances in Compression Techniques, December 2002

Coordinator, TATHVA National Level Technical Festival , March 2003

Principal Investigator, Project of R&D on Implementation of digital filter banks ,(Rs 6 Lakhs), funded
by Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD),2003-2005

Warden, Ladies Hostel 1979-1980, 2001-2003

Chairman /Co-Chairman of National /International Conferences.

1 Chaired the session on "Filters&Filter Banks" on June 10, 2004 in IEEE Nordic Signal Processing Symposium, (NORSIG 2004)Espoo, Finland .

2 Chaired the session on Signal Processing in the International conference on Computational Intelligence, Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Singapore, November 28-30, 2001

3 3 Chaired the session on "Audio and Speech Processing" on 14-5-2000 in IEEE Nordic Signal Processing Symposium, (NORSIG 2000) Kolmorden, Sweden, May 13-15, 2000

4 Chaired the session on "Audio and Speech Processing" on 15-5-2000 in IEEE Nordic Signal Processing Symposium, (NORSIG 2000) Kolmorden, Sweden, May 13-15, 2000

5 Chaired the session on "Signal Processing, Image Processing and Networks" on 17-7-1999 in the International Conference on Robotics, Vision and Parallel Processing for Automation, Ipoh, Malaysia

Referee for National/International Conferences

1. Referee for ECCTD'01European Conference on Circuit Theory and Design 28.08.2001 - 31.08.2001 Espoo, Finland

2. Referee for IEEE Nordic Signal Processing Symposium, (NORSIG 2000) Kolmorden, Sweden, June 2000

3. Referee for IEEE Nordic Signal Processing Symposium, (NORSIG 2004) at Espoo, Finland, June 2004.

4. Reviewer Journal of Elsevier Signal Processing 2005-2006

Participation in International conferences

1. Chaired the session on "Filters & Filter Banks" on 2006 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems, to be held in Kos, Greece, May 21-24, 2006.

2. Presented a paper and Chaired a session on Filters & Filter banks in 6th Nordic Signal Processing Symposium, NORSIG 2004 Meripuisto, Espoo, Finland June 9 - 11, 2004

3. Presented a paper in the session on Signal Processing in the 6th International Conference on High performance Computing in Asia-Pacific region, Bangalore, India

4. Presented two papers and chaired the session on Signal Processing in the International conference on Computational Intelligence, Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Singapore, November 28-30, 2001

5. Presented two papers in the 9th International Confe rence on Advanced Computing and Communications Bhubaneshwar, India, December 2001

6. Presented a paper in ICECS 2000, IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Circuits and Systems, Beirut, Lebanon, Dec 2001

7. Attended EUSIPCO 2000, X European Signal Processing Conference, Tampere, Finland, Sept 2000

8. Presented a paper and chaired a session in NORSIG 2000, IEEE Nordic Signal Processing Symposium, Kolmorden, Sweden, June 2000

9. Attended ISCAS 2000, IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems in Geneva, Switzerland, May 2000

10. Presented a paper in ROVPIA '99, International Conference on Robotics, Vision and Parallel Processing for Automation, Ipoh, Malaysia, July 1999

11. Fellow in the 12th International Conference on VLSI Design, Goa, India, January 7-10, 1999

No. of Publications (National / International) - 63 Journals, 45 Conferences

Journals-63 Nos



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