Room : 304, EC I Block
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Mobile 08547616464
Home Address Kakkanattu House, Neendoor, Vadakkekara P.O., N.Paravoor, Ernakulam District, Kerala
Areas Of Interest Low Power Analog IC Design, VLSI Architectures for Signal Processing, Neuromorphic Chip Design

Ph.D.  :IIT Delhi, 2017

M.Tech.: NIT Calicut,Digital Systems & Communication, 2007

B.Tech.: NIT Calicut, Electronics & Communication Engineering,2003


1. Electromagnetic Field Theory (2006,2010,2017, 2018,2019)
2. Communication Switching Systems(2006,2007)
3. Basic Electronics Engineering (2006 Summer Course)
4. Linear Integrated Circuits (2006,2007,2008)
5. Digital MOS Circuits (2008)/Digital Integrated Circuits (2009)
6. Network Theory (2008,2014,2015)
7. Electronic Circuits-1 (2009,2014,2015)
8. Electronic Circuits II (2013, 2018)
9. VLSI Circuits & Systems (2015,2016,2017,2018)
10. Signals and Systems (CSE) (2016)
11. Basic Electrical Sciences (2017)


1. Digital Integrated Circuits Design (2007)
2. Analog Integrated Circuit Design (2009, 2015, 2018,2019)
3. Mathematical Techniques for Electronics Design (2020)


1. Analog Communication Lab (2005)
2. Linear Integrated Circuits Lab (2006,2007,2008)
3. Basic Electronics Engineering Lab (2006)
4. Electronics Lab - CSE(2006)
5. Device Characterization Lab (2009)
6. Electronic Circuits Lab II (2013,2014,2016,2017,2019)
7. Electronic Circuits Lab I (2014,2015)


1. Analog & Digital Communication Systems (Electrical Dept.)
2. Electromagnetic Field Theory

Research Scholars:

1. Ms. Sona Alex 
Topic of research: Channel Coding and Cryptosystem Implementations to Suit 5G Challenges

(Combined Guidance with Dr. Deepthi P. P.)
2. Mr. Nithin Thomas Abraham 
Topic of Research: Power Management in Low Power Circuits

3. Mr. Sasi Kiran Suddarsi
Topic of Research: Low power device(s) modelling and low power digital circuit design
(Combined Guidance with Dr. Gopi Krishna Saramekala)

4. Ms. Remya Jayachandran
Topic of Research: High performance OTA design for resistive loads

5. Maleeha Abdul Azeez
Topic of Research: Analog IC design



  1. Remya J, Subramaniam PC, Dhanaraj KJ. A novel tunable gain CMOS buffer amplifier for large resistive loads. Integration The VLSI Journal (accepted for publication)
  2. Sona Alex, Deepthi P P, Dhanaraj K. J., " SPCOR: A Secure and Privacy-Preserving Protocol for Mobile-Healthcare Emergency to Reap Computing Opportunities at Remote and Nearby", IET Information Security,2020 Jun 10;14(6):670-82
  3. Prasannakumar, A., Abraham, N.T. & Dhanaraj, K. "MOSFETs-only sub-1-V voltage references for ultra-low-power applications". Analog Integr Circ Sig Process 103, 355–365 (2020).
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  5. Dhanaraj. K.J, Deepthi.P.P and P.S. Sathidevi, "FPGA Implementation of a Pseudo Random Bit Sequence Generator Based on Elliptic Curves", ICGST- PDCS Journal, Volume 7, Issue 1, pp. 23-31, May 2007


  1. U. Venkatesh, M. P. Kumar, R. Saketh, C. U. R. Sai, S. V. K. Naik and K. J. Dhanaraj, "An Analog Design of 2D DCT Processor," TENCON 2019 - 2019 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Kochi, India, 2019, pp. 1606-1610.
  2. Sabir K. A. Ahammed Charls Babu V. R. Ranjith M. Unnikrishnan Supriya Unnikrishnan K. J. Dhanaraj, G. Sreelekha, "FFT Architecture for Motion Estimation using Phase Correlation," TENCON 2019 - 2019 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Kochi, India, 2019, pp. 316-320.
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  7. Prakash, Gundabathina, and K. J. Dhanaraj, "gm/Ibased Design of High PSR Low dropout Regulator for SoC Applications", 2015 International Conference on Communication, Information & Computing Technology (ICCICT),, Mumbai, India,  Jan. 16-17, 2015
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  9. Nithin V.S., Deepthi P.P., Dhanaraj K.J., Sathidevi P.S., "Stream Ciphers Based on Elliptic Curves", International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Multimedia Applications (ICCIMA 2007), Sivakasi, Tamilnadu, December 13-15, 2007

1. Title : Special Manpower Development Programme - Chip to System Design (SMDP-C2SD) 

Role : Principal Investigator 

Funding Agency: DeitY

Duration 2015-2020 

2. Title: VLSI implementation of LDPC Encoder/Decoder for  On-board/Ground Satellite Applications

Role : Co-Investigator (PI: Dr. Deepthi P. P.)

Funding Agency: ISRO (RESPOND Scheme)

Duration: 2019-21

3. Title: Image based Smart Parking Management for Intelligent Transportation Systems

Role : Co-Investigator (PI: Dr. Harikrishna M, Asst. Prof, CED)

Funding Agency: KSCSTE

Duration: 2019-21

4. Title: DST –FIST funded Project (Level – I category) for augmenting the research facilities in Wireless Communication and Signal Processing areas 

Role : Co-Investigator (PI: Dr. Sameer S. M.)

Funding Agency: DST

Duration: 2018-23



M.Tech Major Projects:
 1.  SRAM Design and Standby Power Minimization (2007-08)
 2. Design of Low Power Wideband Analog Multiplier(2008-09)
 3. Design and Simulation of High Gain-Bandwidth Fully Differential Operational Amplifier(2008-09)
 4. EMG Acquisition System for Control Applications(Wheel Chair Control)
( Combined Guidance With Mr. Raghu C.V., Assistant Professor, ECED) (2009-10) 5. Low Power Ternary CAM Design and Simulation (2009-10) 6. A gm/ID based High PSR Low Dropout Regulator Design (2013-14) 7. Hardware Design For Secret Key Cryptosystem Using Regular Quasi-Cyclic LDPC
Codes (2014-15) 8. ASIC Implementation of Real Time Stereo Vision Algorithm Using Discrete Cosine Transform (2014-15) 9. ASIC Implementation of Low Power-High Speed Fixed/Floating point MAC Unit (2015-16)
10. Hardware Implementation of Code based Cryptographic system using QC-LDPC (Combined Guidance with Dr. Deepthi P. P.)(2016-18)
11. Design of Low Power Event Driven Clockless Level Crossing ADC (combined Guidance with Mr. Bhuvan B.)(2016-17)
12. Hardware Implementation of Code Based Cryptographic system Using QC-LDPC Codes (2016-18)
13. ASIC Implementation of Regular LDPC-CC Encoder and Decoder (2017-18)
14. Efficient Hardware Implementation of Encoder and Decoder for Polar Codes
(combined Guidance with Dr. Deepthi P. P.) (2018-19)
15. Ultra Low Power MOSFET-Only Voltage References (2018-19)
Hardware Implementation of LDPC Encoder and Decoder for Space Applications (Ongoing)
 B.Tech Major Projects: 
1. Implementation Of A Video Conferencing Application Over A Wired Network ( Combined 
Guidance With Dr. P.S. Sathidevi, Asst.Professor,ECED) (2005-06)
2. Desgin and Simulation of a High Slew Rate Operational Amplifier (2007-08)

3. FPGA Implementaion of AES Cryptosystem (2007-08)
4. Selective Image Encryption( Combined Guidance With Ms. Deepthi P.P., Lecturer, ECED) (2008-09)
5. Implementation of Reed Solomon Encoder and Decoder (2008-09)
6. FPGA Implementation of Network Intrution Detection System(2008-09)
7. Wearable Emergency Alert System (2009-10)
8. SONAR Aided Object Localization (Combined Guidance with Dr. Sameer S.M.) (2014-15)

9. BIO Monitoring System using FPGA board (2016-17)
10. Monocular Visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (combined guidance with Dr. Sudheer A. P, MED) (2016-17)
11. Low Cost Touch Sensitive Screen Module (2016-17)
12. Implementation of 2D DCT in Digital and Analog Domains (2017-18)
13. FFT Architectures for Motion Estimation Using Phase Correlation (Combimed Guidance with Dr. Sreelekha G.)(2017-18)
14. SAD Based Real Time Stereo Vision Algorithms: A Comparative Study and Protoype Implementation (2017-18)
15. Hardware Implementation of LeNet-5 Architecture for Convolutional Neural Networks (2018-19)
16. Hardware Implementation of LDPC Encoder and Decoder for Space Applications (2018-19)
B.Tech Mini Projects:

1. Digital Multimeter(2006)
2. Thermal And Remote Control of Fan Speed (2007)
3. Speaker Recognition Using Arificial Neural Networks (2007)
4. Barcode Reader And Decoder (2007)
5. Digital Spghymomanometer (2007)
6. Design and Implementation of a Function Generator (2008)
7. GSM Enabled GPS Tracking Device (2008)
8. USB Host Controller (2009)
9. Fire Alarm Using GSM Module (2014)
10.Metal and Explosive Detection (2014)
11.EMG Signal Acquisition and Biofeedback System Implementation(2014)
12. Electrocardiography (ECG) Monitoring (2015)
Dr. X-Box (Physiotherapy In Form Of Game) (2015)
14.  Digital Sampling Android Oscilloscope (2015)
15. Visual Light Communication (2017)
16. Solar Battery Charger Using MPPT (2017)
17. A Blind Assistive Device (2018)
18. Implementation of Memristor and its Application (2018)

1. EC2022D  Electromagnetic Field Theory  (A  and B batches)  - A,A+slots

2. EC3058D  VLSI Circuits and Systems -   F slot

1. First Year B.Tech. Coordinator (July 2018 -Jan 2020)

2. Warden - PG1 Hostel (2007-08)

3. Deputy chairperson of UG admission committee (2009-10)

4.  ECED member in institute UG curriculum revision committee (2013 -2018)

5. Program Ofiicer - National Service Scheme (2005-08)

6. Secretary - Alumni Association (2005-08)

7. Branch Counselor - IEEE SB NITC (Feb 2015- Jan 2017)

8. Associate Editor - NITC Research Review (2007-10)

9. ECE Department Council Secretary (2006-07)

10. ECE Association In Charge (2018 -2020)

11. ECED purchase coordinator (2016 -2018)

12. Coordinator, Department UG Curriculum Revision committee (2014-2018)

13. Information facilitator/Liaison officer/Dept Website Manager (2007-08, 2016-2018)

14. Faculty In Charge, Staff Aminities (2009-10)

15.  Faculty Advisor - B.Tech ECE (2006-2010, 2015-2019)


1. Member - IEEE

2. Member - IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society

3. Member - IEEE Circuits and Systems Society


Official Positions:

 1. Secretary, Educational  Activities, IEEE Kerala chapter (2019)

2. Secretary, Circuits and Systems Society, IEEE Kerala chapter (2017,2018)

3. Treasurer, IEEE Malabar Sub-Section (2017, 2018)

4. SB Counselor, IEEE Student Branch, NIT Calicut (2015, 2016)