Major Areas of Research

  1. Image Coding – Image compression using HVS models
  2. Speech Recognition – Audio-visual speech recognition
  3. Multirate Signal Processing
  4. Speech Processing
  5. Bio-signal Analysis – Analysis of epileptic spikes in EEG signals etc.
  6.  Filter banks/Multi-wavelets – Theory & Construction
  7.  Wireless LAN, Mesh Networks, Sensor Networks – QoS, Security, Cross-layer design, Localization
  8. Secure Communication – Design of Hardware efficient Secure communication systems
  9. Multicarrier and MIMO communication systems
  10. Synchronization and Channel Estimation issues in wireless systems
  11. Cooperative Wireless Communications
  12.  Semiconductor Device Modeling – quantum modeling of nanoscale MOSFETs
  13.  High-speed /low power Digital Logic Design – Adiabatic logic, asynchronous design
  14.  Mixed signal circuit design – 24 bit ADC with low OSR
  15.  Analog IC design – Opamps for large slew rate and large gain-bandwidth product with low noise
  16.  RF circuit design – LNA design, MOS distributed amplifiers, integration of AF components on RF ICs
  17. Optical Communication, Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos
  18.  Wireless Communication and Networks, Protocol Engineering, Performance modeling and Analysis
  19.  Protocol Stack for Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks
  20. Compressive Sampling
  21. Signal Processing on Graphs
  22. Kernel-Based Signal Processing
  23. Statistical pattern analysis, biometrics
  24. Multimedia Security
  25. Compressive Sensing & Applications
  26. MEMS, Modeling and Simulation of Sensors