PhD Scholars

Research Scholar Guide Scheme Area of Research
Deepak P M Dr. Ali C K FT Inter carrier interference compensation of SCFDMA systems
Shahnaz K V Dr. Ali C K PT Detection of MIMO OFDM
Deepak.K.S Dr. A.V. Babu QIP Energy efficiency and reliability of WBANs
Geethu K S Dr. A.V.Babu FT Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks
Katla Rambabu Dr. A.V.Babu FT Optimal Relay Placement in Relay assisted Cellular Networks
Siddharth Shelly Dr. A.V. Babu PT Stochastic modelling and analysis of link lifetime in VANETs
Upama Rajan Dr. A.V.Babu QIP Wireless Networks
Poornima S Dr. A.V.Babu FT Wireless Communication
Mridula K.M. Dr. Ameer P. M. FT Localization in Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks
Roy Thankachan Dr. Ameer P. M. PT Communication Networks
Celine Mary Stuart Dr. Deepthi P P QIP Secure Channel Coding
Amit Unde Dr. Deepthi P P FT Secure Communication
Jilna P Dr. Deepthi P P FT Design of Low Complex Secure Communication Systems
Aneesh M. Koya Dr. Deepthi P P FT Lightweight Secure System
Lakshmi V.S Dr. Deepthi P P QIP Secure Data Communication
Nandakumar Dr. Deepthi P P & Dr. Sameer S. M. PT Cryptography
Amir Dr. Elizabeth Elias & Dr. Bindiya T.S. FT Filter Banks
Bindima Dr. Elizabeth Elias QIP Design of 2D Filters
Nisha Haridas Dr. Elizabeth Elias FT Design of reconfigurable digital filters based on Farrow structure
Shaeen K Dr. Elizabeth Elias FT Design and applications of low complexity uniform and non-uniform cosine modulated filter banks
Shaktivel Dr. Elizabeth Elias PT Perfect Reconstruction filter banks
I Raghu Dr. Elizabeth Elias FT Filter Bank Design
Gayatri P Dr. G Abhilash FT Compressive Sensing
Meena Dr. G Abhilash PT Compressive Sensing- An Information theoretic Approach
Anil Jacob Dr. Lillykutty Jacob PT Body Area Network
Deepthi Sasidharan Dr. Lillykutty Jacob QIP Multipath routing for low power lossy networks
M J Jalaja Dr. Lillykutty Jacob QIP Mobility Assisted Routing in Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks
Shamna H R Dr. Lillykutty Jacob QIP Cross Layer Protocols for Cooperative Networks
Susan Dominic Dr. Lillykutty Jacob FT Device to Device communication in 5G networks
Deepa Nair Dr. Praveen Sankaran FT Image enhancement under challenging environment
Hari C.V. Dr. Praveen Sankaran PT Pattern Recognition (Head Pose Estimation)
Kalpana George Dr. Praveen Sankaran and Dr Paul Joseph FT Bone tumor analysis based on X-ray images
Manazhy Reshmi Dr. Praveen Sankaran FT Dimensionality Reduction
Shameer Faziludeen Dr. Praveen Sankaran FT Dempster Shafer Theory in Classifiers
Krishnapriya S Dr. Rama Komaragiri FT MEMS Magnetic sensor
Ms.Suja K.J Dr. Rama Komaragiri PT Micro Electro Mechanical Systems
Ranjith R. Dr. Rama Komaragiri FT Modelling of Tunnel- FET
Remya Jayachandran Dr. Rama Komaragiri & Dr.P.C.Subramaniam FT MODELING AND FABRICATION OF GAA FET
Muneer P Dr. Sameer S.M FT Joint Estimation of Carrier Frequency Offsets and doubly Selective Channels in High Mobility OFDMA and Mimo-OFDMA Uplink Systems
Finto Raphel Dr. Sameer S.M FT Multimedia Transmission Over Wireless Networks
Namitha A S Dr. Sameer S.M FT Implementation Issues in High Data Rate Wireless Communication Systems
Nishanth N Dr. Sameer S.M PT Security for Wireless Networks
Sanoopkumar P.S. Dr. Sameer S.M FT Channel Estimation for OFDM based Cognitive Radio
Jayakumar E. P. Dr. Sathidevi P. S. PT Speech Processing
Lekshmi M. S. Dr. Sathidevi P. S. PT Computational Auditory Scene Analysis (CASA)
Sreelatha G. Dr. Sathidevi P. S. QIP Comet assay image analysis
Arun Sankar M. S. Dr. Sathidevi P. S. FT Speech Coding
Athulya M.S Dr. Sathidevi P. S. FT Speaker Recognition
Arun Varghese Dr. Sreelekha G QIP Traffic Video Analytics
Abhilash Antony Dr. Sreelekha G FT Image and Video Compression
K.L Nisha Dr. Sreelekha G & P.S. Sathidevi FT Image Fusion
Sameera V Mohd.Sageer Dr. Sudhish N George FT Image Denoising
Abdu Rahiman V Dr. Sudhish N George PT Image Super resolution
Nishanth Augustine Dr. Sudhish N George PT Satellite Image Processing
Sudhi Sudharaman Dr. Bindya T.S FT Filter Bank Design
Ajish Kumar K.S. Dr.A.V.Babu & Dr. Sudeep K.S. QIP Graph Theory and Algorithms
Nidheesh N. Dr. Ameer P. M. & Dr. K. A. Abdul Nazeer QIP Data Mining in Bioinformatics