Degree awarded Name Guide Thesis Title
2001 Dr. H.R.Mahadevaswamy Dr. P. Janardhanan, Dr.Y. Venkataramani New Approaches to Image Compression
2006 Dr. B. Seetha Ramanjaneyulu Dr. E. Gopinathan Interference Management in Short Range Wireless Networks with Focus on Bluetooth Enabled Sensors on Plant Floors
2007 Dr. Abdul Hameed K.A Dr. Elizabeth Elias Linear Phase Cosine Modulated Filter Banks
2007 Dr. Sheeba V.S. Dr. Elizabeth Elias Optimality and Design of Signal Adapted Filter Banks
2007 Dr. K. Sridhar Dr. Lillykutty Jacob Resource Management Schemes for Mobile AdHoc Networks
2007 Dr. Babu A V Dr. Lillykutty Jacob Performance Analysis of IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN : Fairness and Service Differentiation
2008 Dr. Asha Vijayakumar Dr. G. Abhilash Design of Filter Banks using NIL Potent Matrices
2009 Dr. Sumesh E.P Dr. Elizabeth Elias Multi-Wavelets and their Applications in Partial Differential Equations
2009 Dr. Ramanarayana Kandikattu Dr. Lillykutty Jacob Secure Routing and Mobility Management in Hybrid Multi-Hop Wireless Netwroks
2009 Dr. K.P. Indiradevi Dr. P. S. Sathidevi, Dr. Elizabeth Elias Automatic Detection and Prediction of Epileptic Spikes in EEG
2009 Dr. G. Sreelekha Dr. P. S. Sathidevi Design and Development of Perceptual Image Coders
2009 Dr. P. P. Deepthi Dr. P. S. Sathidevi Design and Analysis of Hardware Efficient Stream Ciphers
2010 Dr. Manoj K Dr. Elizabeth Elias Design of Multiplier-Less Non-Uniform Filter Bank Trans-Multiplexer
2010 Dr. A. Gopakumar Dr. Lillykutty Jacob Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks
2010 Dr. P. Reena Dr. Lillykutty Jacob Cross Layer Design for UWB Multi-Hop Wireless Adhoc Networks
2010 Dr. Santle Camilus Dr. P. S. Sathidevi Computer Aided Identification of the Pectoral Muscle in Mammograms
2011 Dr. R. Rajavel Dr. P. S. Sathidevi Optimization of Decision Fusion for Audio-Visual Speech Recognition
2011 Dr. Haris P A Dr.E.Gopinathan, Dr. Ali. C. K Performance of Multiuser Detection in MC CDMA and in MIMO OFDM System
2012 Dr. Baijubai Dr. Elizabeth Elias Compressive Sampling based Reconstruction of Medical Images
2012 Dr. S.M. Prasad Dr. P. S. Sathidevi Advanced Feature Extraction and Automatic Image Quality Assessment for  Palmprint Authentication
2013 Dr. Manju Manuel Dr. Elizabeth Elias Design of FRM based 2D Filters in the Canonic Signed Digit Space
2012 Dr. P. C. Neelakantan Dr. A. V. Babu Modeling and Analysis of Connectivity in Vehicular Adhoc Networks
2013 Dr. Ameer P. M. Dr. Lillykutty Jacob Localization and Location based Routing in Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks
2014 Dr. Harigovindan V. P. Dr. Lillykutty Jacob, Dr. A. V. Babu Fair and Efficient Resource Allocation in IEEE 802.11p based Vehicle to Infrastructure Networks
2014 Dr. Cibile K. K. Dr. Lillykutty Jacob, Dr. Sameer S. M Modelling and Statistical Analysis of Compund Fading Channels in Amplify and Forward Cooperative Wireless Systems
2014 Dr. Anzar S. M. Dr. P. S. Sathidevi Optimal Score Level Fusion of Fingerprint and Voice Biometrics
2014 Dr. Thafasal Ijyas V. P. Dr. Sameer S. M Efficient Synchronization and Channel Estimation Techniques for OFDMA and Mimo-OFDMA Uplink Systems
2014 Dr. Sudhish N. George Dr. Deepthi P P Design and Development of Low Complexity Schemes for Multimedia Information Security
2015 Dr. Bindiya. T. S Dr. Elizabeth Elias Design of Multiplierless Uniform and Non-Uniform Filter Banks using Meta-Heuristic Algorithms
2015 Dr. James. T. G Dr. Elizabeth Elias Continuously Variable Bandwidth Sharp FIR Filters with Low Complexity